Our Story...


Our mission is to locally produce delicious Hard Ciders with simple and real ingredients to deliver a delicious and casual tasting experience.  We source fresh pressed juices (nothing from concentrate) and do not add artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  All of our Hard Ciders are Gluten Free and made on dedicated Gluten Free equipment.

How We Started

Our cidermaker, Ben Schroeder, has been making cider for family and friends for 7 years. It started as a hobby out of his garage. He experimented with ingredients, yeasts, and combinations of unique flavors until he found recipes that his friends started demanding more of. He started making cider for his friends' weddings and special events and then started to mull the idea of starting a Cider Company. At every step along the way, he thought he'd reach a road block, but Santa Barbara County was ready for a cider tasting room! As Ben thought about partners for this venture, he brought in his sister, Twilight, and his longtime friend, Niklas.  The three formed a partnership - each bringing unique strengths to the Santa Barbara Cider Company team. Ben continues to make and create all of the cider personally in-house in small batches, keeping the flavors simple, real, and free of artificial flavors. Niklas crafted the tasting room with reclaimed wood and up cycled equipment. Twilight manages the tasting room and writes the content for the website and social media.  We all took stock of our dreams and decided to work towards making them a reality.  We hope to see you in the tasting room soon!