The Team...

Ben Schroeder

Ben has been making cider for 7 years, and drinking it for even longer. As a California native who grew up appreciating craft beer, Ben has modeled his recipes after these tasting experiences. Having raised a daughter with celiac disease, his attention turned to creating cider with beer-like qualities and gluten free ingredients.

Niklas Shaefer

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Niklas understands the value of this community and what being local means. In addition to raising his two boys, Nik is a talented woodworker and has done all of the woodworking and finishing work for the tasting room. 

Twilight Robin

Twilight is Ben's bossy older sister, so it was only natural that she would take over the organizational side of the business. She also happens to be an avid baker and cider drinker, giving her the unique qualifications to become the tasting room manager. 

325 Rutherford Street, Suite D

Goleta, CA 93117


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